AT&T Gets Pissy; CWA District 3 Gets Pissed Off

It’s just like AT&T’s “2020 Vision” except better

The problem: AT&T can’t handle it when confronted by employees exercising their federal rights to band together for a fair contract.

The solution: Do more of what pisses off AT&T managers. It’s working.

PCA affects AT&T operations – that’s the point

In this case, what seems to agitate AT&T managers is that many technicians are filling up their work-trucks, trailers and generators with the amount of gas necessary to reach a total of $20.19. This concerted activity was not dreamed up by some lame District mobilization committee, but is a spontaneous, grass-roots protected concerted activity that is employee-driven to send one message: Respect us at the bargaining table! (CWA District 3 begins bargaining with AT&T SE on June 24)

This dude’s boss was almost certainly lying!

According to some AT&T managers, this protected concerted activity causes the Fleet vendor who monitors gas-card usage to automatically issue fraud alerts to managers when a number of techs in a certain area have the same amount of gas purchased within a certain time-frame. This drives lots of phone calls and emails and causes managers to do work. This is hilarious and also too damned bad.

It’s too damned bad because the right of employees to organize for self-protection (Section 7 rights) is more important than management butt-hurt. Management could easily adjust their systems to ignore this “$20.19” and move on with their lives of stalking techs and crushing dreams; they simply want to take this opportunity to try to quash the solidarity these employees are showing.

Demand a steward if your boss wants to talk about $20.19

Of course, those highly motivated employees may then agree on different amount of gas to pump say, $6.66 or $11.11, what have you.

Remember, your typical AT&T boss is a seething mess of fear of his boss, self-loathing for becoming a boss, and contempt for his employees. Your boss will be pressured AT&T’s bargaining committee and AT&T Labor Relations to intimidate you into stopping your lawful activity. So, the second a boss brings it up, ask for a steward.

This is also your right and exercising that right on top of your other rights will also piss off your AT&T boss…Starting to see a pattern here? It’s almost like they are afraid of us standing on our rights..

Stewards should respond to management by:

  • Demanding to see written policy on Company letterhead about how much fuel to put in tank
  • Demand that manager call Labor Relations to get their ruling on the manager’s actions (not the tech’s)
  • If manager threatens discipline, instruct employee to comply if possible (hell, sometimes it just is $20.19, right?)
    • Then inform manager that you are recommending that a Board charge be filed on that individual manager
  • Start new activity next day

District 3 is out of f*cks, AT&T!

Though “official” union leadership had nothing to do with this mobilization, and maybe even thought it wouldn’t produce much, AT&T went crying to the D3 bargaining team, which is awesome. D3 politely asked the Company to pound sand, which is awesomer!

Looking at you, other CWA Districts

This is an easy and effective protected concerted activity that obviously causes management to begin reflecting on their many, many sins. Every employee should make an effort to put the “right amount” of fuel, safely, in their vehicles each night as per written Company directives. The “right amount” to win a contract, of course.

Will your Local join in the fight?

[Edited to correct District 3/AT&T SE bargaining start date.]

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  1. Go District 3, you are doing a great job. Recently retired district 4 Area Representative

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