AT&T Spots Nationwide Unity, Takes Employees’ Livelihoods Hostage

Just weeks after CWA union members employed at AT&T around the country began a small but effective concerted activity, something startling happened: AT&T and CWA announced three tentative agreements (TA’s) in just one day! This includes in the Midwest, where CWA District 4 members have been working at AT&T for… Continue reading

AT&T Detects Unity; Summons CWA District 4 Back to the Table

..And five days later a tentative agreement (TA) is reached! At first blush, it makes the whole “Districts United” thing seems a little awkward – until one recalls the timing. This time, there is demonstrable unity among rank-and-file members across CWA districts, which demonstrably got AT&T’s attention. Many social media… Continue reading