Mobilize FTW

AT&T Management won't move unless they are uncomfortable, afraid and lonely

How can AT&T employees make this happen?

Fairness & unity money

It's your job, from now until you win, to have a strike-fund. Grievance-strikes and other job-actions are often unpaid. You'll feel better with some FU money and let's face it: You're going to need to strike to win.

Get educated

You have rights at work that management does not want you to use. Management will try to intimidate you, misinform you, and even lie to you just to keep you from exercising your rights at work. American workers do not, and should not, put up this.

Act. your job depends on it

It's your job now to show up. Especially to craft-meetings and to job-actions. These will anger your supervisor, be ready to not care. Do you think they care about you?

React. An injury to one is an injury to all.

Be prepared to get suspended a few times for sticking up for each other. When management gets scared and reacts with unjust discipline during bargaining, an instant picket is quite handy at cooling them out. (It's what the FU money is for, among other things.)

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